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1. Here you have 20 sites, plenty of basketball, everything you need. You want to be a basketball guru? Go to all 20... plus others below. Everyday!
2. Need the facts, questions answered, stats, history
3. OK, Now! If you are a heavy basketball person -- this is your site!
4. There's a lot of good information here. Hoopsville will be a top 20 basketball site soon.
5. This young guy has put together a very nice site for young talent in Chicago and Chicagoland area...WOW!
6. The young up-and-coming STARS. Chicago is the Mecca of basketball folks. Real talk.
7. Tryin' to get overseas? Check it out! Info on tryouts, pro team info everywhere in the world! Some free, some paid. Got to stay on the grind...stay in shape...then, break em' off at the tryouts.
8 Lots and lots of questions...lots and lots of answers.
9. Need to Know basketball information site. There's nothing worse than talking basketball and getting your facts incorrect.
10. It's the SHOES! The new Jordans! SMH
11. Sports news, rumors, forums.
12. Tons of stuff here! Some paid, some info, drills, books, resources, man, a lot. Just surf!
13. Dr. J, Geroge Gervin, Marvin Barnes, Dan Isse, Moses Malone, David Thompson, many, many, more. ABA was an important league. You wouldn't have the 3-point shot or the slam dunk contest! Hey I'm Ol' Skool. I love this stuff!
14. Go through all of the stuff here...answer all the will be a guru.
15. Type in "Shawn Kemp", "Vince Carter", or "Allen Iverson" and watch some amazing videos.
16. Drills, videos, tips, training programs, etc.


1. A great site! Hurt your knee? Not tryin' to be a doctor...but, do you do some coaching on the weekends? AAU team...ok, ok, if all else fails, call 911, get some ice!
2. It's all about the money! Everything there is to know about money. Good stuff.
3. Financial information, saving tips, principles of wealth, compounding interest, let your money make money...
4. Type in a name... Larry Bird? A wealth of information here. Great site!
5. How can you know where you are going if you don't know where you come from?
6. history's hidden engine. Then, drop me a line later. This is compelling stuff!
7. If you are into learning computer programs, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe(Master Collection is tha bomb!), Pro Tools, everything here! Check it out. It's a paid site...but, you can kick the tires and watch a few vidoes. Test ride!
8. This has to be one of the "Best" sources for information out there. I just love this site!
9. Here's a good source to learn the markets.
10. Good honest reporting. What else can you ask for?
11. Knowledge is the key. I must be a geek. All I can say is being a geek is not bad thing.
12. Access and enter earthlings - Compelling! If you can finish this without feeling anything...something is wrong! 95 min. movie. NOT FOR KIDS.
13. Big thoughts of today's big thinkers. It's ok to be smart!
14. wolframalpha.comThe next Google? It's for those who know who to use the site.
15. World statistics constantly updated, shows you stats that are ticking away at you in real time. Wow!


1. All the downloads you need. It's a safe download site also. c cleaner, PowerISO, VLC Media can stop a video and take a picture. Great! Send it to photoshop? Yep yep!
2. Search the web's top engines with one click!
3. This is not your typical tech show. Ever wonder how things worked?
4. more geek stuff.
5. Just a great site! There's so much to learn here. Great pictures.
6. Looking for STUFF?
8. Business news, stock market news, financial advice.
9. If you are looking for a pro photographer? Look no further!
10. Videos, only Youtube.
11. A great program airing on over 800 radio stations now online.
12. Some cool stuff here....a blue laser flashlight! Wow!
13. A site where you can lend directly to people from all over the world! You will be surprised how far 25.00 can go in another country. Become a member!
14. Good news first and fast...number one news source on the internet. From What I hear :)
15. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer currency. Peer-to-peer means that no central authority issues new money or tracks transactions. Bitcoin is real folks.
16. This is the best blog out there on Bitcoin, everything you need to know. All I have to say is Bitcoin is taking off and it's pretty amazing! Also see: The Bitcoin


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