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Chicago Charity Skool of Skills Basketball campSkool Of Skills, Inc. is a non-profit educational, sports, and benevolent community organization. Our focus is to provide engaging Kids camps and sports activities leading children to improve their academic abilities. Working in partnership with family and community, our goal is to contribute to youth development by providing influences of positive role models. We are also committed to contributing overall to our youth participants by assisting to meet basic needs of families.

Throughout Skool Of Skills existence, we have organized educational programs, field trips, after-school programs and Chicago youth basketball camps, to better our neighborhoods and young people throughout the Chicago area, including the Austin, Roseland and Englewood neighborhoods.

Currently we are offering after-school programs and educational field trips for elementary school children. Our "Bitty Basketball" program not only teaches the fundamentals of the sport, but, also includes motivational statements on what we call Power Points. Power Points motivates children on the following: The importance of learning, self-respect, and respecting others. Especially, parents, teachers, and fellow classmates. We also teach healthy eating and exercise.

The feedback we have received has been attested to the success of our program. We are excited and committed to expanding our program. We are currently seeking contributions to enable us to expand our programs. Every contribution made goes directly to benefit the partisans in the program. All donations are tax deductible. If there are any questions or concerns please feel free to call us @ 847-867-3596.


Our desire as a charity and not-for-profit is to provide Chicago educational programs designed to develop learning proficiencies and to cultivate the values and perspectives of educated citizens. Respect for human dignity, cultural diversity, commitment to personal excellence, and the habit of taking thought. Our goal is to develop, offer programs and services responding to the needs of the young people and communities which we serve. Our goal also is to challenge the young people of Chicago to develop their talents, intellectual interests, creative abilities, to promote an appreciation for both continuity and change. To provide the stimulus for a lifelong commitment and enthusiasm for learning. Skool of Skills want help prepare Kids for critical evaluation and decision making.

Education Activities

  • Homework Assistance – after school program that will provide an opportunity for assistance with any homework assignments and tutoring;
  • Skool is Kool – year-round reading campaign to help young people develop a life-long love for reading and encourage adults to read regularly with children;
  • Computer Training – The goal thru hands-on computer training is to help kids gain a solid foundation with computer skills. By having computer skills kids could potentially position themselves for success;
  • Time Management Strategies – Time management is a must for grownups as well as for kids. How to be organised, the art of managing your time, documents, and taking control of your day, find out how you really spend time and how valuable time is worth;
  • Mindset Development – class sessions for both individual and group, that focuses on positive reinforcement of goals and how to achieve them, mindset development is an attitude, a mental motivation, mood, that determines how you will respond to situations. This helps kids believe in their abilities and talents, so, you are able to prove yourself over and over;
  • Career Development – an informational forum to disseminate information about career options in the sports field or related careers and other career choices; and
  • "Money Skool" Academy – Teaching kids how money works, how to save and grow money thru interest. Kids will develop good money habits and learn the difference between spending and saving.

Basketball Activities

Camps will focus on providing the opportunity to build and develop the physical skills and mindsets for the game by playing.  Camps will be an opportunity to provide charitable services to Chicago children and youths financially unable to attend.

  • Bitty Basketball - This is a basketball beginner program is designed for boys and girls 4-6 years old. Emphasis will be placed on dribbling, shooting, passing, teamwork, and just having fun! The children are always supported with positive encouragement. 
  • Basketball Skills Academy - features shooting, ball-handling, speed, agility and quickness training and game-play.  Great opportunity for kids to focus on all areas of the game.
  • Winter-Break Vacation Camps - week-long camp that will focus on special skills development.
  • Spring-Break Vacation Camps - week-long camp that will focus on special skills development.
  • Summer Camps - will provide for longer camp periods to develop skills and competitive games.
  • Personal Training - this area will be headed by our staff consisting of personalized training tailored for each participant to develop their individual skills.


You can help! Donate to Skool of Skills, Inc. one of the most active Chicago Youth Charities and non-profits. Your tax-deductible 501(C)(3) contribution to Skool of Skills today is an investment in our youth. Every contribution makes a difference!


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